Saturday, June 10, 2017

About Las Vegas......

So as I mentioned before I got to go the LAS VEGAS! Like a mini vacation. It's the furthest west I've ever been. And I think I loved it. 

The people were so nice. Really nice. Genuinely nice. I'm wondering if it's like that all over the West Coast? I don't know, but it was kind of amazing.
View from the Airplane! Look at that desert!

It was HOT. But a different kind of heat than east coast heat. No humidity. So even though it was 100 degree plus, it didn't feel that hot. I hear it's dry heat. Which I'm pretty sure was the same kind of heat I experienced the couple of years I lived in Turkey when I was younger.

I didn't take many pics though. I just never really remember to take pics. And besides what really happens in Vegas- stays in Vegas. Or so they say. So can't have very many pics because...that would be evidence.

The Palazzo

I loved the strip. Just walking up the strip and looking at the hotels was amazing. I had never seen hotels such as those. There were little malls in basically all of them. And many had Sephora. So you know I was happy. I almost splurged on the Giorgio Armani foundation- but my gift card was JCpenny Sephora and wouldn't work in the stand alone stores. But now that I know my color, I might still pick it up sometime in the future. I got to finally see Inglot in person.  They don't seem to have a lot of stores in the US- but in Vegas, there are a ton. Didn't get anything there but some of there are eyeshadows I might have to check out one of these days. When I'm done with my no buy.
Inside the Luxor

I'm pretty sure we did a walk through of all the hotels. I think my favorite was the Luxor. Just because I have never seen a Pyramid shaped hotel! We stayed off the strip most of the time (Desert Club Resorts), except two days we got to stay at the Palazzo. It was beautiful. I think the bathroom was my fave. There was a tv in it, and I super wanted to just take a bath and chill in the bathroom all day!
View from the Hotel

It was right in the middle of the all the action. You walk right downstairs and there was the casino. I wanted to win at the casino- but I definitely lost all twenty of my dollars. Bummer. 

The food was OK. I wasn't really blown away. Except at Paris Baguette. They were pretty good. I love pastries. And they had some pretty good ones. I wish I had known about them before but I didn't find them until almost the last day. I bought two though. A creme brûlée one and a strawberry something. The strawberry was my fave.

The strip at night was the best. It really came alive. I did get a couple pics of the view-which was beautiful. 

And we did manage to turn up. They had a scorpion shot...which is literally a shot with a scorpion in it. My brain was trying to process it..people eat scorpions?. I think if I went back...I might try it. A scorpion....well maybe I don't know. 

Oh, got my sister a snow globe---it's fine. But my shot glass broke. Bummer.

I really loved it there. And I think I need to go back. I'd better go pick up a lotto ticket- and maybe I will get lucky and win some of those millions- it's over 400 million at the moment just so I can go back to Vegas.

Now I just need to get to Jamaica, go on a Disney cruise, visit Greece, and somewhere in Africa, then I will be all set!