Monday, June 12, 2017

Prim-Peeta Bread

Still making recipes from movies/ tv shows. I think they are my favorite recipes to do. Especially when it's a show or movie that I love. I really loved Hunger Games. Book and movie. And I especially loved Prim. And Peeta was aight. I guess this recipe is supposed to be a fusion of Prim and her goat cheese and Peeta's bread. I was almost expecting it to be Pita bread. Which would have been a little more fun. I've never made Pita bread before and am always up for the challenge.

But I have my french bread down. It takes me about three days.  More hands off time than you would expect. Maybe I will share exactly how I do it in a post one day. 

Anyway, I made the french bread. 

Then I spread it with goat cheese. Goat cheese really has quite a unique taste. I find the freshest stuff to taste the best although goat cheese really does take some getting used to. My local store has a goat cheese made within 20 miles so it's super fresh. And tastes much better than the older stuff that's been on the shelf for who knows how long. But still is kinda "goaty". 

So I just spread the cheese over the bread. Sprinkled the basil. And then I added Olive Oil. Not in the recipe- but I was thinking it might be dry without the olive oil. And besides Olive Oil is good for you.

And then I had Prim- Peeta bread. I made a similar bread to this with homemade ricotta, honey, and black pepper. I think I prefer that to this. Not really something I would make again. 

But OK to try. I think the best Hunger Game recipe is always going to the the orange roasted chicken.  I should make that again.

I got the recipe from here in case you are curious or want to check the recipe for yourself.

I think the night lock juice would have been interesting to try. But it seems more like a party recipe and I don't drink soda. Bummer.

Next up, I am going to try to make some gumbo......