Thursday, June 8, 2017

Workout Programs:Nike+Kinect to The Biggest Loser

It's June. About that time that I really get going on the workout. I don't know what it is about Winter but I almost always drop off. I will still play Zumba and Just Dance and other games like that, but just not do the programs I'm supposed to be doing. So that means no squats, no weights, just cardio..cardio, cardio.

Like the Nike Kinect. I really kinda hate that workout- only because I really can't modify the things I can't do. And I don't seem to be getting better at a lot of them. So that's why it took me months and months. I finally just decided I needed to get it over with. The crazy thing is I only had a week and a half. So I finished it up...and now I'm done and on to a completely different program.

I didn't take measurement before hand- and they would be a waste since there was such a big break in between, but it's done.

And now I'm moving on to The Biggest Loser. This one is more manageable-although boring. Which is why I'm only doing it four times a week for less than 20 minutes. I did about two before I took off on vacation. Followed up with 20 minutes of Zumba. Not so bad. I can dig it. So for at least 4 days a week I know I will be working out for 35 minutes. And I would like to add walking on the weekends. That way I get my sun in!

I'm shooting to lose 12 pounds this summer. My lying scale tried to tell me I was already down 8 pounds. I guess all that walking in Vegas and trying not to eat so much junk in the restaurants. I really missed my kitchen! Except a little pastry shop they had in the hotel we stayed out.

I got a strawberry one...and a creme brulee. But the strawberry was my fave! One day...I will learn to make these! 

I really shouldn't be talking about them on a working out post though...ahh well!

Anyway, I guess I will be updating in about 4 weeks! Wish me luck!