Saturday, July 8, 2017


I used to have a little celebrity crush on Ginuwine. I think it started with the Differences music video in high school-or In Those Jeans. I can't remember. He used to extra attractive. And I love love LOVE his music. 

Differences is still one of my favorite songs by him.

Gotta have Pony on the Ginuwine playlist. This is one of his biggest songs.

And live-he really knew how to work a crowd. And that little bird chest-haha. But I love his band- I think they are all women!

I always forget he can move.....

And still fine, even in that ugly leopard suite. At around 1.45 in, someone throws a pair of panties on the stage and his face was priceless.

Other Faves:
Only When Your'e Lonely
Last Chance
Role Play
There It Is
Love You More
When We Make Love
So Anxious
None of Ur Friends Business

Love Ginuwine. Think I'm going to watch all his live performances on youtube....why not?