Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MAC Lipstick Collection

Thought I would bang out a blog post in between waiting for the massive amount of food I ate to digest- before a workout of course. Or at least I'm trying to convince myself there will be workout. I started new program and can barely move. Oh, the joys of working out! 

Anyway, I was looking through my make-up and noticed MAC makes up my of my lipstick collection. I don't have a lot of lipsticks...and I definitely need to branch out and try a couple different brands- but there's something about MAC lipstick. I didn't get the hype at first- but the lasting power is truly great. Some of them I can apply in the morning and get home after working 8 or 9 or so hours and it's still there, looking pretty good. So I love most of the ones I have...and I definitely want more. 

But I think I need to use up some before I think about purchasing another.

1. MAC Girl About Town- My first MAC lipstick. I intended to give it to friend as a gift, but I didn't see her before I left school. So I ended up keeping it for myself. I wasn't sure about it at first, but now it's one of my faves. It just needs a tad bit of liner and I'm good to go. It lasts literally FORVER on the lips. And when it does finally wear off it leaves a pretty stain behind. LOVE IT.

2. MAC Heroine- This was gift from a friend! And a great one. I absolutely LOVE this color. It's sort of statement fun purple-and when I'm careful it lasts all day too. If I ran out of it or used it up, I would probably buy another one. And that's saying a lot of someone like me that always wants to try new colors. 

3. MAC Candy Yum Yum- This is quite the bubblegum pink. It is BRIGHT. I have to tone it down with some liner for sure. I haven't actually worn it out yet-which is a shame. I need to though. I guess I'm just a little intimidated by how bright it is-this coming from a girl that has worn blue in public. 

4. MAC Whirl- This is one I backed to MAC for. I was just really drawn in by the color. I think it makes a very pretty nude-but I have to be careful with how I put it on. I like to dab it on a little at a time or else it can look a little strange. It's like a pink-brown color. Super matte. And very neutral. 

5. Rihanna Viva Glam 2- When I saw how unique the color was, this became a must have for me. Pinks, Purples, Oranges, red in all tones are a dime a dozen. Where do you see this color at? I really went out on a limb when I ordered it. And I love it. Especially with the gloss on top.

6. Rihanna Viva Glam 1-I pretty much got this because it came in the set. I should probably wear it. It just took the backseat to the Rihanna Viva Glam 2.

7. MAC Cyber- I saw this one in a tutorial....and fell in love with it. I had to have it. I talked it up so much I guess my sister noticed- because she got it for me for Christmas! I love it. It's not a color I would reach for everyday, but when you need a deep purple this one is nice.

8. MAC All Fired Up- Most of my MAC lipsticks are matte finish. I really love statement colors in matte formula apparently. Especially this color. It's a great, compliment getting color. Long lasting. And gorgeous. I love this one too!

9. MAC Sin- Another gorgeous one. I just googled this color and there are a tons of pics that make you think you need this now! It's a lovely color, although not as pretty on me as I've seen it look on other people. This was another gift from my sister- apparently I was googling this one and raving over it to her. Poor little sister. She's forced to listen to me blab about makeup all the time. 

10. MAC Oxblood- Looks nothing like Oxblood. I mostly got this because I saw so many people rave over it and wanted to know what the hype was. It was sold out nearly everywhere- but it was there when I went in the Macy's. So it went home with me. It looks like a boring color...but actually it's quite pretty. I don't wear it often. Maybe I should change that?

And that's it. All my MAC lipsticks. I've been thinking about getting the famed Ruby Woo. But then again, I have enough reds and don't really wear red enough to justify purchasing another. Maybe one day if I finish one up? Until then this will be my MAC collection for awhile!

What are your favorite MAC shades?