Thursday, July 27, 2017

Makeup Videos I'm Loving

I'm just living my life trying to make it to Sunday ...9 p.m- Game of Thrones time. In between I watch makeup vids. And I love stumbling on ones that I want to share. So here goes....

1. Nyma Tang- I love that she's bringing attention to the fact that many brands lack deep enough shades! And I love her skintone- her and her sister are super gorgeous. Sometimes I feel like people try to imply dark skin is not beautiful which is based on utter ridiculousness. I can't even begin to tell you how many negative things people have had the nerve to say within my earshot. Dark skin is beautiful-pass it on! Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I'm hoping her videos make companies realize that they really should expand their ranges for brown women of all shades. Instead of the two obligatory green and pink based shades that make us look grey. And this is 2017. We come in so many different shades- all beautiful and we want foundation too. But I digress.

I agree with most of the stuff in this video.  It's like the typical overdone youtube makeup (which looks a mess in person) vs what looks good in real life. I love how flawless her skin is.

2. Angie D Battista Kit Hygiene- A lot of people at one time or another hire makeup artists. And there are a lot of people out there with no licenses, no actual training, that buy a kit full of cheapies and decide they are going to be a makeup artist. I saw one girl on youtube using her kit makeup directly on herself- she just dipped her sponge right into the palette and applied it to her face. And she double dipped-hello contamination!

I love this video because one day I know exactly what to look for as far as cleanliness in a makeup artist. Because Herpes, staff infections, pink eye- all things that are contagious and if not careful, can be spread through makeup. Ew. Not to mention these are tips I can use in my own collection! This video was clear, concise, and well put together. The only thing I notice is now some artists are saying it's best to clean brushes with soap and water between clients and not just the brush cleanser. That or have a couple of sets so that way every client has a fresh clean set. Another thing I've heard is that cream products can not be sanitized completely. So dipping a lipstick into alcohol after it's touched someones lip is a no-no. Either give it to the client, or use the scrape method where you apply some to a palette than use it- like she demos in the vid. I do dip lipstick in alcohol for my personal makeup though. But it's my personal makeup. Anyway, check the video out. It's great!

3. Lisa Eldridge Skin Massage and Ice Cube Facial- Of course I have to include videos from one of my favorites to watch on youtube. Starting with the facial massage video. I'm fascinated by it and have tried it, but  I always forget what I'm supposed to be doing mid-massage and wander off. I would really like to incorporate doing something like this every week!

This video is also really fascinating. The morning after I watched it I grabbed an ice-cube out the freezer and did a mini rub before work just to test it out. It certainly wakes you up! I definitely want to experiment more with it. The green tea ice cubes sound especially fun! Really worth the watch! And both of these techniques are much safer than the crazy needle rolling I've seen people doing on themselves on youtube-it's called derma-rolling if you've never heard of it and are brave enough to check it out.

That's all I've got for you today! Let me know some of the video's you are loving!