Sunday, August 13, 2017

Harley Pasternak Hollywood Workout Light Body Toning Workout Complete

I did it!


Another program down! I think this makes the third one I've done. Not sure. But I did  ALL 25 workouts. The program was five workouts a week, for five weeks, 25 minutes each.The first couple were hard to get through, I don't think my body had ever been so sore Thank you 8 pound weights. But I persevered.

Then there were days when I just didn't want to. I needed an extra break. Like four days would have been more manageable. But I was able to convince myself that once I started it would go fast. And besides didn't I want to go through the entire program and not miss one? I did. I really did.

At times it was boring. Harley says the same thing every workout, and you basically you the same exact workout rotation every week.They really should have recorded him saying more. But its the workout that counts.

I don't think I lost anything. I didn't get on the scale. I don't think my clothes fit THAT much better. But my arms look better, as do my legs and booty. And I'm stronger. And I got my heart pumping. Heart health is extra important and I like knowing I gave it a workout each week. So that's a five week program for the win.

I'm going to take a week (maybe week and a half break) and play some Just Dance for some Cardio and then I will start the next program! Your Shape Fitness Evolved here I come!