Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vitamix Mixed Berry and Green Tea Smoothie

It's been forever since I made a fruit smoothie. But that doesn't mean I haven't been eating tons and tons of fruit. I ate four entire watermelon by myself in one week-last week. I don't think I've ever eaten that much. It  probably isn't very good for you (moderation!), but I love watermelon and I couldn't resist the sales they had last week. 

I've had this recipe on my  list for awhile but it took time to get the ingredients. I just kept always forgetting something. Which is why I should make a list.

Today I had everything. So I made it.

It's just 1.5 cups of green tea (I brewed mine fresh from full leaf tea), half an orange peeled, a frozen banana, and two cups of frozen berries. This smoothie is full of anti-oxidants from the green tea and the berries. It's health in a drink!

Blend it up 30-45 seconds at 8. And all done. 

I was really hoping this would be good. Because the last two smoothies I made from my Vitamix book were not good at all.

And it was. It's going to be pinned on my pinterest board because I would for sure make it again. The green tea mixed with the berries was a great combo, along with the banana for creaminess, and the honey to add a nice bit of sweetness.

Top 5 smoothie for me for sure!

 It makes such a pretty color too!