Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bath and Body Works Fresh Pineapple Body Cream

So Bath and Body Works was having a sale and who can resist sales at the Bath and Body? Someone must have taken all the good stuff though because the stuff they had left wasn't all that great.....but for four dollars a pop, I was open to trying something even if I didn't love the scent initially.

So I wandered around the store and picked up the pineapple body lotion most likely because I was craving some fresh pineapple. I LOOOOVE pineapple. So anyway it ended up in my basket and I ended up buying it because it was four dollars. I didn't initially love the scent but I figured it would grow on me.

I was wrong. The scent is just ok, and because I'm a pineapple expert I know a fresh pineapple when I smell it. This for some reason is just a tad off. It's not that appealing. But it does moisturize like nobody's business so it was very worth four dollars and I would do it again. The only thing is this scent is discontinued.

The ingredients do have a few things worth mentioning. Avocado Oil, Smoothing Fruit Enzymes ( what are they and what do the do?), Calendula, honey extract, lemon extract, hop extract, cone extract, rosemary extract, aloe juice, and Almond Oil. Then they gave the other ingredients. You know chemicals, mineral oil, and petroleum.

Paying almost eleven dollars is something I wouldn't do but if it's on sale then it's totally worth it...