Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freeman Sea Kelp Ultra Nourishing Moisture Shamppo and Conditioner

Time for another shampoo and conditioner review. Finding myself in need of some shampoo and conditioner I was in the hair care aisle yet again looking for something to tame my evergrowing locks. I wanted something cheap and the Freeman stuff was on sale for ninety-nine cents. Unable to pass up such a great sale, I put it into the basket.

Now when I smelled this stuff in the store I thought "Hey, It's not Half bad" but to my surprise when I put this stuff on in the shower it smelled like straight amonia or something. The shampoo wasn't as bad. I just wasn't impresses with the scent. As for use, this goes on my never purchase ever again list. This stuff made my hair knot on itself into little balls and they would stick at the ends of my hair until pulled out. Not a good look. And it's not as if my hair needed to be detangled. I would get the knots the same day I detangled.

As for the ingredients. They aren't half bad. The third ingredient in both products is sea kelp. The only problem is I didn't notice a difference with the sea kelp. Fourth ingredient is guava fruit extract, then aloe leaf juice, honey suckle extract, panthenol and the list goes downhill with chemicals from then on.

As I said this is something I would pass on. The conditioner has some good detangling properties but dealing with the smell is not worth it. If I had paid four for it I would be upset. Im already upset that it was a dollar. Better luck next time.