Monday, April 13, 2009

Avon Perfectly Paired Dual Ended Shadow Stick in Beachy

My wonderful grandmother ordered this for me...(thanks grandma). This was around the time where I found out that browns with a hint of red somehow helped to make my face look a little healthier. Anyway the picture in the Avon magazine was really convincing only I found that I couldn't wear it how they advertised. Application was not precise enough to do the darker color as a crease and the lighter as an all over shade of color.

So I switched it up using the brown as a brow color and the lighter color as a highlight. It stayed smooth applying and lasts a long time. The only thing is that when it is humid it creases rather fast and the ingredients more or less aren't something you probably want to be applying around the eye area.

Overall I really like it. They make a pretty eye in record time and it only cost $2.99!