Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sally Hansen Insta -Dri Nail Color in Lightening

After searching all through the fall and winter for a yellow..(doesn't make much sense)...I walked into Walgreens and TADA!

The yellow I had been searching for! It was bright and in your face and even though it was five dollars I HAD to have it.

Only to find the brush was HUGE and the formula was streaky and thick. I was HEATED.

Stupid Five Dollar Yellow....and I noticed this new shape bottle holds less liquid at .31 ounces.....Who's Miss Sally trynna fool?

Anyways, after numerous attempts and half the bottle being gone....I finally figured out how to use takes THREE coats so don't use it if your in a rush...and the brush is wide because your only supposed to brush it once........It's still a pain but at least it's wearable....not to mention I LOOOOVE the color (everytime I glance at my nails I is Yellow)'s bright and shiny and goes well with dark clothing and dries a little faster than other nail colors....

Plus among the bad ingredients there are some good..Lavender Extract, Safflower Oil, and Algae Extract....