Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Nappy Day!!!!!!


Today is my Nappiversary!!

I've officially been natural a whole year!!

I've learned a lot about my hair. First off I have very fine hair that people mistake for being thick because there's lots of it. My hair is nape length in the back and a little bit past my upper lip. It should be double in length by next year.

Next my hair is about 4a with little coily spirals all over except for in the back where my hair has a random patch of 3c. I'm lucky because the 3c shrinks up and blends with the rest but I find this part of my hair is the hardest to take care of. It's hardest to comb and loves to knot on itself.

It hasn't been straightened yet. Looking forward to that at the end of summer. Overall I'm very happy with me natural and the decision to be lye (lie) free. My hair requires very little maintenance. Just wet, apply styling product/moisturizer, and go. No more blow drying, flat ironing, and relaxing.

This year I'm going to try more twist styles, braid outs and such!

Yay Me!
Check out my relaxed and natural hair!