Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Soap with Soy Milk, Frankincense and Myrrh

I had literally been stalking the Nubian Heritage website. I really wanted to order these soaps. They were five bucks which is a little out of my price range. Until I was in my neighborhood beauty supply store and what do I see for $2.50? I was so happy I could barely control myself. I grabbed one of each of the ones they had and happily walked home reading and planning to take a shower as soon as I got home.

I decided to use the Raw Shea Butter one first because it lacked any kind of exfolient. The bar itself is olive green and is about five ounces. It lasted a whole month but keep in mind I was the only one using it and was very careful to keep it dry in between uses.

It smells WONDERFUL! If this is what frankincense and myrrh smells like then I LOVE it! It's a very woodsy, spicy, unisex type of smell. But it's so mild it almost seems like a baby appropriate scent. Sometimes it smelled kinda weird in the shower though. And the smell doesn't linger. It's pretty moisturizing although I wouldn't skip moisturizing....

It gives loads of lather and it has PHENOMINAL ingredients!

Ingredients: African Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Soaps of Coconut and Palm, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E Oil

Frankincense is known for its toning and anti-aging properties and adds aroma therapeutic benefits promoting mental strength, clarity and balance while Myrrh is known as a superior cosmetic in early remedies and helps to heal chapped skin. Shea Butter in its purest form has the highest level of healing and rejuvenating properties. Soy milk and Vitamin E help to regenerate damaged tissue and promote quick healing of skin cells. Usage: Healing for all Skin Types, Sensitive Skin

As if that weren't enough the company is 100 percent black owned (I purchased at a 100% Asian owned beauty supply store). And the packaging is much less wasteful than a plastic bottle.

I HIGHLY recommend this soap!