Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York Color Cheek Glow in Riverside Rose

I needed another blush so I ended up with this "cheek glow". It was only two dollars so I couldn't see how I could go wrong.

It says:

Rosy cheeks are here! N.Y.C. New York Color Cheek Glow Single Pan Blush powder provides sheer, natural-looking color to cheeks & more. Just sweep it on for a beautiful look instantly. Natural oil-absorbing ingredients help control shine without clogging pores Smooth formula gives you a long-lasting beautiful finish every time.Calendula Extract to soften your skin and allow it to breathe freely without clogging pores. Oat flower to soothe skin. Rice starch to absorb oil.

Such big promises but I didn't much like this. It refuses to show up in regular lighting so I pile it on only to look like a clown in pictures and outside settings. The brush is pretty much garbage. The packaging is cheap.

But I did like that is absorbs oil and mattifies.

So all in all the formula is great but the color not so much.......And it took some work to make it photograph to where it looks half decent...