Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil

Thank God this is my last Carol's Daughter Product. It wll probably be awhile before I try anymore of her products.

It's Claims:

This unique, botanical blend promotes general hair health for all hair types. Infused with chamomile and marigolds to nurture, soften, and rejuvenate your over-stressed tresses, this fragrant cocktail of guava, mango, and passion fruit will add shine, softness, and a lush scent.

So I won't deny that it smells really good. But I can't shake the feeling the I've smelled it before. I was also impressed that the fragrance never seemed to go south on my hair.

The fact is that this stuff doesn't do much for my hair except coat it and make it a little greasy and then dry it out a few hours later. So I can't say I'm that impressed. I even tried it as a hot oil treatment and I'de be better off not using anything.

The ingredients aren't great. It's basically good smelling corn oil. In a pretty bottle with a flower that you pay 4.25 an ounce for. Never again. That's just plain crazy.

Corn Oil, Chamomile, Calendula, Fragrance.

So yes it smells good but other that that it doesn't do anything to warrant the price.