Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nubian Heritage Olive Butter Soap with Avocado and Green Tea Leaves

This is probably going to be my last Nubian Heritage Soap for awhile. I was on the wwebsite recently and I noticed they took the price of their bar soaps from 5 dollars to $3.80. It's still cheaper to go to Iherb though. But anyway on with the review.

It claims:

Since the 13th century, Olive Oil has been coveted for it's moisturizing, regenerating and skin softening effects. Referred to as "the fountain of youth" for over 4000 years, Green Tea Leaf is revered by herbalists for its powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties. In the Nubian Heritage tradition and with Shea Butter as the base, we have crafted a wonderful union between these two ancient wonders, resulting in a gentle, all natural soap that regulates moisture, combats aging, regenerates skin cells and protects against environmental exposure. This incredibly mild soap with it's extraordinary lather and lasting moisture will leave your skin soft and smooth, while restoring it's natural radiant and balance.

So the bar itself is olive green with little rolled up leaves in it. They of course don't exfoliate and otherwise don't seem to have much of a purpose. It smells really fresh and as always the scent does not linger. The lather is great and leaves the skin feeling moist. Lotion is truly optional. I wouldnt recommend using it on the face because it leaves a film.

The ingredients are excellent.

Olive oil, African shea butter, avocado butter, green tea leaf, soaps of coconut and palm, vegetable glycerin, essential oil blend, vitamin E, palm oil, iron oxides

They don't test on animals, the company is 100% black owned and the bar soap packaging helps the earth more than plasitc bottles.

Overall not bad for $2.50.