Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Brown Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Or that's what they say. Anway, eyes are probably the most important feature I look for in the opposite sex. Find a man with eyes I could get lost in and I'm great. It doesn't matter what color they are, although I do LOVE grey/blue eyes. Just because a guy that I was in LOVE with had grey/blue eyes, and trust me I could get lost in those all day. I love brown eyes too. I didn't realize how much until I got older.

Most of the time it seems my friends and people I'm around only seem to think a pair of eyes are "attractive" if they are any color other than brown. You know those people with blue, green, or hazel eyes. I guess because it's not common and the contrast with the light eyes and dark skin. I remember when I used to question why I hadn't been born with the hazel eyes my grandfather has. I thought I would bemore attractive if I had lighter eyes. I even began wearing the contacts with a line of gold glitter to give my eyes a little more oomph. The color wasn't that noticeable though.

 It wasn't until I saw my supervisors wife sporting dark brown contacts on her usually green eyes.( she was white) I remember asking her about them. She said she loved dark eyes. And the dark contacts were hard to find, she had to get them online. I remember thinking that was so unusual. Most people get bright colors when they want to change their eye color. I thought more and more about it. And I realized the beauty in brown eyes, whether the be dark, medium, or light.

Anyway, that was just my random thought today, thought I would share.