Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

So I've been blogging for a minute and I thought I would just make a short list of some of my favorite products.

First off we have SHEA BUTTER!! My number one of all the products I have tried since blogging.
It doesn't matter whether it is yellow or white, I love this on my skin, lips, and hair. It's just the best.

My favorite SOAP is the Nubian Heritage Black soap. It works so well on my body as well as my face and it's all natural!!

My favorite mascara is VOLUMINOUS. I've tried a couple but this one just really seems to curl and add something extra.

And lastly my favorite Shampoo and Conditioner that are not only cheap but work GREAT on my hair.

I almost forgot lip gloss. If I were stranded somewhere I would NEED my lip gloss. This one is just so prettyful and it's one of those colors I don't see too often. It's a Black Radiance Lip Gloss in Plum Perfect.

Stay Tuned for more reviews.