Monday, June 7, 2010

Bigelow Jasmine Green Tea

Green Tea is great for the metabolism but for some reason plain green tea doesn't appeal to me. So I picked this one up.

It smells WONDERFUL. Like fresh jasmine.The first time I tried this I hated it. But it has grown on me. But I can only drink this with sugar. Without sugar this stuff is just nasty.

Bigelow says:
Smooth, flavorful Green Tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine. Fusing the finest hand-picked teas from the high-elevation gardens with gentle, floral tones of Jasmine, this tea has captured the flavor of the Far East. Linger over a cup just once and you'll know that Bigelow® Jasmine Green Tea, rich in antioxidants with less caffeine than black tea, is like no other. Net Wt. .91oz. (25g). 20 tea bags per box - 6 boxes per case. Total of 120 tea bags

Jasmine Tea Benefits:
Powerful Antioxidants
Promotes Weight Loss
Reduces Fat and Cholesterol Absorption
Helps Prevent Cancer
Calms Your Nerves

Now I haven't been losing weight but I've been eating like a pig and the weight has been staying off.  So overall, I recommend.