Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Radiance Illusions Diva Deluxe Lip Gloss

Ya'll know I love me some Black Radiance Lip Gloss. The colors are so nice and they only cost two ninety-nine. I can dig it. This one is Diva Deluxe which is a kinda reddish magentaish (is that a word) color. It kinda reminds me of the one called Rose Desire but this is more red.

 Black Radiance says:
Make your lips irresistibly kissable with extra shine and shimmer! Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss captures all the light from a prism and applies it to your lips for a new-dimension elegance. Moisturize your lips with one of three diva-tastic colors.Applies a coat of shimmer and shine with an added touch of multi-illusion light sparkle. Light-refracting, prismatic color

It goes on silky and thin and it smells reminiscent of black cherries. Love this and can't wait to get my hands on more. Oh and side note its more red in person.