Thursday, October 21, 2010

NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear in Caramel

NYC says:
Glide-on, stay-on lipstick! New York Color Ultra Last LipWear gives you incredible color with real staying power. Beautiful high-fashion shades give you the most luscious, kissable lips ever.
I've been experimenting with lipstick again. And this go round I chose a color that I feel I wouldn't normally go for. The shade is CARAMEL. And it looks like a metallic coppery pink color. Now just applying this straight from the tube looks ok. As long as I just put a LITTLE bit on. But putting this stuff over some clear gloss= LOVE for me. I love love this color and didn't think I would. Plus it was only two dollars!!

The cons are it doesn't last as long as it should, it has that funky scent that all the NYC lipsticks I've tried have, and it drys my lips out horribly if I don't put some chapstick on under it. And I don't like the packaging, its cheap feeling.

But despite all this, I LOOOOVE it. Sorry about the look of it in the picture, it had melted in my purse.