Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Bijou Blue

So I've had this nail polish for a year. I had seen it on someone's blog and I was like I have to have that. The only problem is that living overseas trying to find it in stock is a big problem. So when I'm in the US I tend to just grab. This polish was a grand total of ninety-nine cents. Can't go wrong with that. Most often you could find that lying around in your couch.

Wet N Wild Says:
Just like that favorite top in your wardrobe, it's always better to have it in more than one color. With a wide range of trendsetting shades from rich crèmes to bold metallics to vibrant effects, you can find all your favorites and add new ones to your collection. Applies quickly and easily leaving a brilliant, super-shiny finish. Formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalate free.

The only blue shades I've trade are all dark blue and this in the bottle looks like a dark shimmery sky blue. On my actual finger's it is a different story. Somehow the shade morphs into a teal, bluish green shade on my hands. Now the first day I had it on it just looked garish to me. I'm not sure if it was because the shade actually looked garish on me or if I'm simply not used to the shade. It has sort of grown on me. It isn't my FAVORITE and a must have but it's a gorgeous color.  I like. I want to try some similar shades. The only negative I can say is for me it's a threee coater. Firt coat is absolutely horrid. Second coat it gets better and by the third it looks pretty good.
It's wear isn't the greatest but I mean, it's WET N WILD and plus it's only ninety-nine cents. I'll be picking up more of these once I get rid of some of the bottles of nail color I have.
So my finaly say is check it out if you like the pictures. It's not a bad buy!!!