Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ignorant Things People Say(Natural Hair)

Yes, I still get ignorant comments about natural hair. I think I'm just venting. I can say that the majority of comments I have had about my natural have been positive Istill get comments that makes me wanna give people the side eye.

So I know this girl, and I don't think she likes natural hair very much. Which is fine, because I don't think her straight hair is particularly pretty, BUT I manage to keep my comments to myself. I just feel that sometimes people should keep their opinions to themselves sometimes...or if you have a question about my natural hair, then ask it without sounding completely ignorant.

The question was : How do you part your hair to oil your scalp? Now itwas all in how she said it. Natural hair is not a does move. I'm sure my readers know this though. (smile) She was trying to play me like my hair is unpartable.

I started off by saying, FIRST of all I don't OIL my scalp. And some other stuff..I just can't believe how ignorant people can be. I think they need to utilize google or common sense.

Anyway, thats just my rant for today.