Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Three Conditioners SInce I've Been Natural

Since I've gone natural I have been using and reviewing a couple different conditioners and I thought I would post my absolute favorites.

1. Alberto Culver VO5
Ignore the shampoo (although I like that pretty well too) and focus on what I like to call Ol Faithful. This is hands down the BEST conditioner for detangling and light moisturizing. And not to mention it smells good. If you don't like this particular scent that well it comes in a few more. The Milks Collection is pretty awesome too!! And the best thing about this stuff is it's dirt cheap! It will run you anywhere from 70 cents to a dollar. Once I even found it for a quarter!! I always have some on stand bye when I'm testing a conditioner that doesn't get the job done.

2. Redken Allsoft Conditioner....

Although expensive this gave the THE SOFTEST hair I have ever gotten from a conditioner. LOVE IT!!

1. Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner

Good ingredients and give great light condtioning. Hate the price though!!! This one can easily be knocked down though if something else better comes along!! Stay tuned!!