Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

 If you watch any makeup videos on youtube, you know that everybody and their mama seems to use this. But since it's so expensive, I myself wasn't able to get this until my birthday...which was in February. I picked this up as a birthday gift. It costs 19 bucks (10 ml)...BEFORE TAX. Not cheap. So was it worth it?

Urban Decay Claims:

Now of course I've the "old packaging" since they are doing away with this and going to the squeeze tubes. There were a lot of complains with this packaging because there would still be a lot of product that you couldn't get to unless you cut it open. Of course the bent wand helps with that but I might have to cut it open when I run out..but I've been using it for seven months and it's still going strong.

The texture is a light beige cream that blends in with my skin and becomes invisible. I don't think it makes my eye lids any smoother, nor do I notice a difference in being able to blend my eyeshadows.

The big difference comes in how long my shadows stay put. I have oily lids ( during the summer) which can lead to that dreaded eyeshadow melting of the face look. Not very attractive. I find this really works in making my eyeshadows stay looking freshly put on.

I really put this stuff through the test by working for a few hours in the hot sun and then working out. Not usual wear but I just thought it would show the difference.

The two pics below are with the potion. Now there is creasing..but remember this was me working out and also working in the humid sun. Through normal conditions I don't get any creasing.

And these two pics are without any potion. As you can see most of the shadow is gone and the creasing was RIDICULOUS. Eww.

 So do I recommend it? YES. I left it at home while I was on vacation and missed it so much I considered spending another 19 on it. Now of course I held out but I think this stuff is pretty amazing. I just want to go around telling women that have there shadows melting off about it. But I don't want to be rude. It does come in a professional size which is a squeezy tube and has 30 mls of product and is $29.00.

Here is a link the there website which contains a video showing how to use it.


I would buy this over and over again, but I think when this is gone I'm gonna try Too Faced Shadow Insurance and L'oreal De-Crease to try.

Urban Day is having a two for one sale on the original potion in the genie bottle. Nineteen bucks for tow. Go to the website and click on primer and you should see it!!