Thursday, October 13, 2011



I feel better now that I've got that out. I think Babyface is one of the BEST producer's ever, plus he has some pretty great songs himself.

Well until post 2000. That's when Babyface seems to have lost all his talent and his producing wasn't so awesome. He RULED the 90's though. From his songs with After 7, Boyz II Men, Karyn White, Bobby Brown, Toni Braxton among many more, everything the man touched was pure genius. His writing amazing.

Sigh. I think he deserves his own playlist in my Itunes library. But here are some of the songs I ADORE by him.

For the Cool (anybody see the scene from Family Matters?)
EveryTime I Close My Eyes (Mariah's Vocals were kinda weak)
When Your Body Get's Weak
Talk to Me
When Can I See You
The Loneliness
Soon As I Get Home
Whip Appeal
I Love You Babe
Time In a Bottle
Nobody Knows It But Me
Slow Jamz
Give U My Heart (with Toni Braxton)

Sigh. I wish he would start producing again!!