Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel

I picked this up when I picked up the papaya body butter, which I wanted to so desperately I almost ordered it off ebay. But luckily when I went to The Body Shop discount store they had this for about four euros.

The Body Shop Says:
A refreshing cleansing gel that lathers up in the bath or shower to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and subtly scented.

When I first used this I was blown away. I loved the strong fruity scent that is very tropical (I've only had papaya once and it didn't have much scent). It smelled amazing. The only thing about it is that the scent gets old quickly. Using occasionally would solve this problem. And like all other's it doesn't last.

Pretty Average. A little more drying that usual. Nothing a little lotion won't solve. EDIT: This really dries my skin..even applying body butter afterwards didn't really help!!

It does an Ok job.Nothing special. I do love the color though.

Would I purchases again? Probably not but it was pleasant to try. Have you tried any of the Papaya line?  I can't wait to open up the body butter.