Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

I first heard about this product when I was working in The Body Shop and a customer came in and asked me if we carried the "vanilla spray". Of course we didn't because our stock of their products were extremely limited. Of course, that peaked my curiosity. And I went on the website and sure enough they had it.

I bought this last year when they had the basket event where you buy a basket for a fiver and everything is half off. This is originally thirteen but I got it for six something.

The Body Shop says:
A refreshing, non-greasy body mist that moisturizes and helps to soften the skin, leaving it subtly scented with a sweet, warm and spicy vanilla fragrance.

So, looking at it, it looks like a rip off. I'm used to the eight ounces of body mists that Bath and Body Works gives you. Not this 3.3 ounces that is waayyy more expensive also.

The quality:
But after using it I see why. This is much better quality in my opinion. I can spritz two sprays and this lasts ALL DAY. Longer if you spritz your clothes.

The scent:
At first I didn't really like the scent though. It sprays as a more floral vanilla. BUT, as it wears it turns into the yummiest foodie vanilla. I absolutely love it. This is definitely one of my favorite scents.

Do I recommend?
Heck yeah!! Run down to The Body Shop and sample it NOW. If you can get it on sale, thats better, but I could actually see myself paying full price. I'll be trying out the parfum, and the day. Oh yeah, one more important thing, the men love it. And that's always a good thing.