Monday, November 7, 2011

Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Under Eye Concealer

I finally picked up something other than a lip gloss from the Black Radiance line. They had a dollar off coupon in Rite Aide so I think I got this for five dollars. Was it worth it?

Black Radiance claims:
Conveniently customize with two formulas for ultimate coverage. The stick end covers undereye circles and hide blemishes with this oil-, paraben-, and fragrance-free full-coverage, long-wearing formula. While the liquid end helps diffuse fine lines while concealing blemishes in more sensitive areas like under the eyes. For best results, use complete Complexion Perfection(tm) System and following these application tips: 1 2 3 (from back of blister card and graphic boxes)

So first off, let's talk packaging. There are two different sides, a liquid side and a stick side. The liquid side has a doe foot applicator and the stick side is...well a stick. They both have a very thin consistency but the stick side it a bit stickier to the touch while the liquid is more silky. The packaging claims to minimize the appearance of fine lines while the stick is for dark circles. Personally I couldn't tell a difference between the two sides.

I bought this in what I think was the wrong shade. I bought Medium but I always hear that when concealing dark circles you should go lighter, so that's what I will do for sure next time! I do notice that the liquid is lighter than the stick. You can kinda tell that in the picture.

Before Concealer:

After Concealer: Doesn't look like it did wouldn't photo right..but it did a little but...

The one thing I cannot stand is the smell of this product. It kinda smells nastiness. Or something along those lines. And the thing is although I'm placing it on my eyes I swear I can still smell it for a long while after I put it on.

Now I don't have big circles, or fine line problems in excess. Only a little bit. And despite what the picture, it really does conceal more than my camera picked up. But again, my circles aren't really that big of a problem. Foundation usually works pretty well at covering my circles. I can only see myself grabbing for this on special occasions, date..etc. It's not a must have.

I'm not really sure how long it wears but you can always dust over it with some powder to keep it in place longer.

It comes in four different shades: Light to Medium, Medium, Medium to Dark, and Dark. Another thing to note: The ingredients are pretty much just chemicals...

So do I recommend it? I mean it was OK. But nothing life changing. I'de probably skip it. For the five bucks it really didn't do anything that makes me think you should run out and purchase it.