Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quick Candle Haul

I've bought a few more candles since my last candle post...but unfortunately I had to leave them in Germany. Didn't feel like taking them on the plane with me. So I needed some for while I'm here. And I bought three.

I'll probably do a review on them a little later.

I picked up a Ralph Lauren Candle for ten bucks. It's called Ever wood and is described as pecan, vanilla, and hazelnut.

The other two I picked up are Halloween candles that were on clearance at a price that I just coudn't pass up.

I bought Witches Brew which is a patchouli scent for three. And Candy Corn medium jar for four dollars. They had a few more that were on sale. I may  go back and pick up another Candy Corn. Not sure yet.

And I am "borrowing" a candle warmer from home. It's cool. Great for places where you can't have an open flame but I prefer to burn my candles. I might stop in Walmart and pick up a few candles, I hear their candles are supposed to be pretty good. The candle on the Warmer is from Walmart but it has lost it's scent...I think I'm going to have to throw it away soon.