Monday, February 6, 2012

The Body Shop Animal Soaps

These were too cute too pass up. I bought the whole bag for about three dollars. Now I know what your thinking, a grown woman-using animal soaps? Yeah, don't judge me.

The Turtle:

He had more detail, but as you can see I used him washing away some of his detail. Umm, he smelled Ok. I thought it would smell more like Olive but it smelled like a mixture.

The Whale:

Um, he smelled like the turtle. Can you say disappointed? I was thinking it would be Mango.

The Elephant:

Smelled like the above with a "tinge" of grapefruit. Sidenote- I love elephants ever since I've seen that movie Water for Elephants.

The Rhino:

Umm thought this would smell like cherries. Can you guess what it smelled like? If you said the turtle and the whale then you guess correctly.

The Polar Bear:

Without a doubt the cutest of the bunch. And smelled just like the rest of em' and not the coconut I expected.

So I guess you can tell I was disappointed. If they each had a different scent I would have been just a tad but happier. And lotion after these soaps was not optional. It was a must. And they shrank away much to quickly. Anywho, I would not recommend even though the shapes of these soaps are too cute. Maybe I'll have better luck with the fruit soaps.