Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Fix a Tunneling Candle

I think I'm just unlucky. All of my candles tunnel, no matter what. It could be because my room is always cold.

But I have found a way to fix it! And it's cheap. Now you can get a Yankee candle Illuma-Lid, I've heard it works basically the same way. But for me the whole foil thing was cheaper and it will fit all candles.

So all you need is foil and scissors.

So take a piece of foil like so:

Fold it until you are left with a square the size of two notecards (this depends on the candle size but this size generally works for most candles)

Cut a hole into one:

Cover this over the flame (making sure that the flame does not have contact with the foil. )

And then you should have a melt pool that looks similar to this. Not tunneling!! This works to insualate the heat so that you can have an even melt pool and not waste any of the wax. I usually let the candle melt across and then remove the foil.

Happy Candle Burning!!