Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Inspired Your Natural Hair??

I haven't blogged in a good minute. The month has been crazy. Well, it's February now, but you get my drift. So I was watching TV, something I rarely do and I was thinking about who "inspired" me to go natural.

1. Rachel True- Now I won't say that Half and Half was a great show, but back when UPN still existed and they had a great Monday line-up, I watched it. Well, I watched Rachel True's hair. You don't understand how much hair envy I had when looking at her hair. The two colors, she rocked, and her hair texture made me want to go natural SO bad. Unfortunately I was discouraged from going natural by certain people when I mentioned it until I just went for it. I still catch reruns of Half and Half and still love looking at her hair!!

2. Natalie Desselle-Reid- She was in BAPS. And Eve (horrible show but I watched it too). Her hair is so gorgeous. Not only that but she knows how to accessorize it well.

3. And this one is kind of cheating, but this picture was probably when her hair was natural. It sure wasn't permed. I just love the way it looked pressed out. It was was thick. And it general, I just love Phylicia Rashad. And her hair especially on the first season of The Cosby Show!

4. Pam Grier- It's confession time. I have never seen a movie with Pam Grier. But her afro is something I've always seen. I LOVE IT. 'Nuff said.

5. Bernadette Stanis- Ain't her afro gorgeous. I remember watching Good Times in the sixth grade and wondering why the Afro went out of style.

And those are the people that inspired me to go natural. Who inspired you to go natural?