Monday, April 30, 2012



No Diggity. No doubt.

The 90's produced all kinds of good music...Blackstreet included. I think their album Another Level has to be  in my top five favorite albums. My dad used to play that album so much! About after their second album is where they seemed to fall off. 

They use the "talk box" in a lot of their songs and I just love it. Check out my faves by them...

 Can't Buy Me Love- This is a remake..but let me tell you, their version is so much better
No Diggity
I Like the Way your Work- The Remix is nice too!
Good Lovin
Let's Stay In Love
Never Gonna Let You Go
I Wanna Be Your Man
I Can't Get You Out of My Mind
The Lord Is Real
Before I Let You Go
Think About You
Don't Leave Me
Get Me Home

Check Em Out!!!