Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bobby Brown

Bobbay. (In my Whitney Houston voice) Bobbay.

My favorite music video ever has to be Every Little Step. Those biker shorts, that hair cut, and that smile smh. It's pure comedy. And the video making fun of it with Mike Tyson was even better. I love the dance from the video and wore myself out trying to do it. It was fun though.

If you haven't you MUST see this music video.

Anyway, these are a couple of my favorite songs by him...

Good Enough
Don't Be Cruel
My Prerogative
Rock Wit' Cha
Every Little Step
Real Love- (with Macy Gray)

Any other fans of Bobby Brown out there?

Edit: I was tripping. I forgot one of THE BEST Bobby songs-written by Babyface of course-Roni.

Now my list is complete!