Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nail Shapes

In my quest to achieve the perfect salon manicure I have been watching tons of youtube videos. One of the videos I watched the girl had pointy fingernails. And I mean a sharp point. So then I started googling all the different nails shapes and thought it would be fun to do a post on them.

1. Oval/Round
The oval nail shape is supposed to be flattering for thick or wide nails. I read somewhere that is does weaken the nails. I don't know if I would ever personally rock the oval...my nails don't really grow that long. But I think it's cute on the right person.
 I think it looks especially nice with a lighter color.

2. Squoval
The squoval is good for wide nail beds or big wide fingers. The squoval looks really "elegant." You see this most often in nail polish advertisments. Maybelline seems to love using the squoval on their models.

It's my second favorite nail shapes. I like wearing it a little shorter though.

3. Square-
Square is my absolute favorite nail shape. It just goes with anything and looks very chic. And the best thing is it looks great with dark colors. I'm a big fan of the darker colors anyway.

4. Pointed 
I think this nail shape is interesting. I don't think I would necessarily wear it. I have long skinny fingers and this would only make them look longer and thinner. Plus I think if you don't wear it right it can age your hands.

Of course there are many more shapes than this but these are just some basic ones.

My nail shape idol is Kim Kardashian (personally I can't stand her) but her nails are always on point. 

Her nails polish always goes nicely with her outfit and I love how she picks accentuating jewelry.

What's your fave nails shapes? What do you wear most regularly?