Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AVON Skin So Soft Bath Oil

I love bathtime! Bathtime is when I read books and just relax. Right now I'm reading New Moon from the Twilight series. It isn't the best book but I like it because it's about vampires. But anywhoo back to bathtime. I found this in the house so I basically got the whole bottle's regular price is around twelve bucks but it's often on sale.

AVON claims:
White lily, lavender and notes of sparkling citrus create the rich woodland scent that makes ORIGINAL a classic & an AVON Customer favorite. Adored, raved about,'s the bath oil that outsells and out moisturizes the competition. Fresh herbal scent. 

If your from the south then you are probably familiar with the scent...many southerners use it as bug repellent. I remember using it as a bug repellent when I was younger to prevent those awful mosquito bites. When I would get them I never had any self control and would usually scratch until it scabbed and bled. (gross) I can't really remember if it worked. But anyway, I decided to use this bottle as AVON intended it to be used (there are supposed to be a million other ways to use this product). And I like it as a bath scent. It's relaxing but it smells very strong and almost masculine. Once you bathe in it, the scent stick around for quite some time...which I don't really like. 

You can also get this product in a different packaging and use it to moisturize your skin (I believe it's in a spray bottle). 

As far as skin softening, it does that. If you have dry skin than you might want to give this oil a go..but beware it is mostly cheap mineral oil so you can get the same effects by soaking in baby oil. When you get out the tub the oil sticks to your skin and you can just rub it in. 

The directions say to fill the tub then put it in but I prefer to add it while the tub is filling, I think the scent disperses better when you do this.

Mineral oil, isopropyl palmitate, dicapryl adipate, fragrance, dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, BHT (to prevent oxidation) and carrot seed oil

I do love the scent and using it in the bath but it is just expensive mineral oil. 

Have you tried it?