Friday, July 6, 2012

E.L.F Concealer Brush #1821

 This is the last of the three brushes I bought when I went to target. Oh, by the way since it's their birthday, they are doing free shipping today. Of course I paid one dollar for this brush!! Was it worth it?

E.L.F claims:
Achieve precise cover up with this on-the-spot Concealer Brush, specifically designed to mask imperfections and cover blemishes for a totally flawless look. 

Now this brush is tiny. I've never seen a concealer brush so tiny. I took a pic of my Ecotools one for comparison. I think this is more for the precise coverup of a blemish. With this brush your only placing the concealer exactly where it's supposed to go. I think that wastes less product. While this is great for the little blemishes you might wanna reach for a bigger concealer brush for things like under eye-concealer.

I don't really use this brush for concealing though. What I like it for is placing a little bright shadow in my tear duct area. It's prefect for that.

Some people use it as a lip brush, and I think it would be nice for that but my lips to big to stand there using this ALL day.

Overall, it's a nice brush, especially for a dollar. One you can always find a use for and it not, hey it was a dollar. For me though it was absolutely worth it.