Monday, August 13, 2012

E.L.F Natural Lash Kit

 I have been on a long vacation from blogging. I guess it's because I'm a little discouraged that I'm still not employed. But anywho, I'm back and I have a review of false lashes. These were only a dollar which is a nice price. Lashes usually are between three and four dollars and more if you buy the high end ones.

E.L.F claims:
No mess, no hassle - just gorgeous lashes! Get full lashes for any occasion with our top-rated Dramatic Lash Kit. Easy application and comfort grip gel allows for multiple uses so you can repeatedly achieve showstopping lush lashes again and again.

E.LF gets big points from me because the include a lash glue. I don't really like the glue packaging though but it works just fine. And it's clear...and boy do that stuff stick. It sticks pretty quickly so theres not much time to adjust the them afterwards.
These aren't the most dramatic lashes but I still wouldn't wear them out in the daytime. These are nighttime lashes only.

These aren't human hair but I don't find them to look overly synthetic and you can use the lashes a few times before it's time to chuck the deuces up.

Overall, for a dollar. it's worth it!