Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose Brush

 I almost had a panic attack. When I went to upload the photos I got a message telling me I was over the limit... and they gave me the option to buy storage at a monthly cost of $2.50 a month..which $30 a year and $300 for ten years. Expensive. And I don't wanna pay nor did I want to retire my blog. So after a stressful break I did more research and found out I could become a google+ member and get unlimited pics. Ahh, thank GOD! So now after all the stress I bring you this review.

I had wanted this brush for awile but it costs around $16..which is pretty expensive. But I saw someone using it on youtube and had to have it. I've had it the whole summer now.

Sonia Kashuk says:

It applies, it blends, and it buffs. It does it all for any creme product.

I say:
This brush has it going on. I LOVE it for foundation. It does aight for blush too. I think it would be really nice for cream blush but I don't have any so I couldn't exactly test it for that.

It has not shed one hair since I've had it. The bristle are soft and the flat top and genius. The plastic handle is cute and functional. What more could you want?

Overall, this is my second Kashuk brush and I love them both. Highly recommend!! Get you one!