Monday, October 8, 2012

Mizani Renew Strength Fortifying Shampoo and Reconstructing Gelee

I'm no stranger to Mizani products. They are a salon brand and pretty expensive. Luckily I found the conditioner on sale for four bucks. Since I hate using the conditioner without the shampoo I went and picked up the shampoo for eleven bucks. So if I average it out thats seven bucks a piece. Not bad.

Mizani Claims:
Shampoo- A gentle cleanser that fortifies with strengthening protein and ceramides. Formulated with moisturizing olive fruit oil to maintain optimal moisture protein balance

Conditioner- Designed for quick absorption to strengthen and smooth damaged hair. Wheat proteins, AHA and cationic polymers help reconstruct the hair strand from the inside out.

The shampoo is pretty nice. I use about two quarter size amount to get a decent lather. It rinses clean and leaves my hair feeling moisturized. The only thing I don't like is that it could be a little more detangling. But that's what conditioner is for right? I use them once a week and co-wash my hair with a cheapie the remainder of the week.

The conditioner is a little weird because of the texture which is like a watery gel.  I'm used to thick creamy conditioners so it took a little getting used to. I apply it in sections a little bit at a time to minimize waste since it's so watery. I usually comb it through with a wide tooth comb and let it sit for about ten minutes. (The bottle says three-five).

After I rinse it my hair is easy to detangle and I'm good to go.

They both have a nice scent but the shampoo smells a little more chemical. My favorite thing about these two products is that they have really been helping to change the texture of my hair. Hy hair feels noticeable more smooth and the actual hair strands feel thicker and stronger. For those reasons alone I highly recommend trying them. I usually have problems when using strengthening products. My hair usually becomes hard but not with this.

Definitely give this a try!