Friday, November 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Stores

Seeing as it's Black Friday, I thought I would do a post on my absolute favorite stores. Most of my favorite stores often have great sales...part of the fun of shopping comes from the deal you get. Buy a great thing and you feel great...but buy the same thing at an amazing price and you feel even better. So without furthur ado.....

1. Macys
That's the Magic of Macy's! Now that I have that slogan out...Let's talk Macy's. The reason I love them so much is because they have a great selection of plus-size. It used to be so hard for me to find jeans to fit me because I wear size 18. Macy's carries a nice selection of plus-size and juniors. They also carry all the brand name shoes I love such as Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden and they run a lot of sales! I do tend to like online selection better than the actual store unless it's in a northern state such as New Jersey and New York. 

This is an outfit I really really want from them but it's too expensive at the moment. And I know the jeans will fit but I'm not sure about the jacket! I'm not really plus-sized up top....only the bottom and I would hate to get this and it be too loose!

2. Dr. Jays-

 Another place I love. Well, honestly it depends on what you order. I have ordered some stuff only to find it's completely shapeless and have ordered other things and fallen on love. I mostly like to get jeans from them. They carry big booty girl jeans! I hate the jeans that fit me right everywhere except on the butt part (pancake girl jeans) and usually Dr. Jays carries stuff that is slimmer in the waist but gives ample booty room!


This is a recent find for me. I was searching for a specific pair of shoes and they had them at  a super reasonable price. And they have free shipping all the time! I like for shoes also but I think has them beat. 

They have these...and I really really want them! They are by Jessica Simpson. I think they would look really nice with that blazer...

4. Bath and Body Works:

My candle supplier. They have great sales and make nice candles made from Vegetable Wax. And all the one's I've burned had great throw!

5. Cherry Culture

To be honest I just placed my first order with them today. So maybe they shouldn't be on the list. I mostly ordered NYX because it's a brand I really want to try and they have reasonable prices. And using the twenty percent off Black Friday coupon didn't hurt. Oh yeah, and they have free shipping over forty bucks! Another thing they have is a rewards program. Once dollar is one point. Earn 250 and get a cherry culture gift card. It will probably take me years to earn one because $250 is a lot of money. 

And there you have it! What are your favorite stores?