Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Trip to Egypt

Ok, I didn't get to go to Egypt...or Greece..or Israel. 

But my family did. They went on a cruise. For Thanksgiving.

And I got left behind like a step-child. Just call me Cinderella.

Just Kidding.

I really didn't get to go but one day I will. I just wanted to share what they brought me back!!

A T-Shirt! I dunno what that red stuff is. Weird!

Two pictures. I love these. I need to find a frame and hang em up!!

Two keychains. The one with the bugs are supposed to be for good luck.

And last but not least some AHAVA products. I've always seen these in the discount stores and wanted them but they are pretty expensive. I hear that in Israel they are drugstore products and priced accordingly. Unfortunately, these were super expensive because it was bought at a tourist place. I got a Mineral Body lotion and two hand creams!!

And that's all! One day I will defintely make my way to those three countries so I can pick out my own stuff!