Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia Nail Lacquer

 Lately I've been reading the Chronicles of Narnia. I read the whole series when I was in middle school. Of course, after I read Prince Caspian I had to go and watch the movie. I love that series! I hope they adapt all of the books as movies. Anyway, in between reading those books..I painted my nails with OPI's Flashbulb Fuschia. I got this free as a gift so I didn't pay for it.

OPI says:
Flashy Pink Purple that loves Paparazzi.

I've had a fuchsia from Wet N' Wild and while that was more pink-based this is definitely more purple. I couldn't really get the camera to pick up the purple though.

This second fuchsia color made me realize that I'm not a fan of fuchsia nail colors. They just aren't really flattering to my skin tone unless they are used as a pedi-color.

Another thing about this nail color is it's a little dull. With OPI I was expecting a color with loads of shine without having to use a topcoate. And this bubbles too.

But yeah, I don't recommend this color. Sorry OPI!