Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Slatkin Cinnamon Nut Bread

I've been burning right through my Slatkin Candles. I bought this because I had been craving cinnamon rolls, and of course this was the next best thing right?

Slatkin claims:
Fresh baked shortbread with cinnamon, buttercream and chopped nuts with this cozy fragrance.

So on cold throw this is straight up Banana Nut Bread. I love Banana Nut Bread but that isn't really what I wanted the candle to smell like. But once it's lit it changes into...

 Maple Syrup with Pancakes. I lie to you not.

Most of the reviews I saw on youtube complained that this particular candle had no scent throw. I don't find that to be the case at all. It fills my small room just fine and it also works in a bigger room. It took a few minutes to build up though.

The one thing I want to know about this candle is why is it called Cinnamon Nut Bread but the picture clearly displays Cinnamon Rolls? Hmm. Silly Slatkin.

Overall, it's not my favorite because I wasn't expecting it to smell like pancakes with syrup and every time I light it I want pancakes. Like Now. 

I'll be back!