Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara

 My very first Two-Faced product!!! I bought this for about fifteen bucks. Which is pretty expensive. It costs twenty-one bucks originally. I really wanted to try it because it was one of those tube mascaras.

Two Faced claims:

What It Is:
It’s back and better than ever! Our cutting-edge, three-dimensional polymers wrap around each lash to create tubes that build, stretch and curl for more extreme VOLUME, LENGTH and DRAMA! 

More to Love: 
  • Better Engineered 3D Tubes: New and improved elastic polymers surround each lash to fatten and stretch beyond the natural lash for extreme volume and intense drama.  
  • Better Wand: Re-designed bristles deposit formula evenly, making each tube thicker from base to tip you can easily go from flirty to dramatic. In one coat, have rich, full lashes, and with 2-3 coats, get extreme volume and intense drama.  
  • Weatherproof: Our long-wearing, weatherproof formula ensures lashes never smudge or flake.  
  • Easy Removal: Tubes easily release from lashes with just warm water and gentle soap or eye makeup remover.  
  • Good For Lashes: Generous dose of moisturizing Vitamin E for longer, healthier lashes. Free of parabens, chemicals and phthalates. 

This mascara reminds me of Badgal lash. Everything from the big brush to the wide tube. The brush is so large it gets some getting used to. I still smudge it when I put it on.

The big difference between this and Badgal is the formula. It's kinda wet and isn't super buildable. If I do really try to build it I get flakes. Nothing worse than having contacts and big flakes of mascara in your eyes.

This stuff tends to stick together when I first put it on because it feels a little like lash glue on the lashes. It does tend to stop after it dries though. 

The most interesting thing about this is the way it washes off. It really does come off in tubes!!! That means there are no smears when taking it off. You can just take some warm water and rub it on and the tubes come right off. Probably me favorite thing about this mascara.

The color is nice and black but like I said it doesn't give very dramatic lashes because it's not very buildable. It's just Ok. There are definitely cheaper mascaras out there that can give very similar results. 

Have you tried a tube mascara? Did you like it?