Sunday, March 10, 2013

NYX Extreme Apricot Eyeshadow

I love bright eyeshadow. And I had always wanted to try a vibrant red shadow. So when I saw this on I HAD to have it. 

The color in the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. A vivid red orange!  I could not wait to put it on my eye.

The problem is that it isn't that pigmented. I really have to pack it on to get it to be the color I wanted. It was a pain in butt. I think it's because I like a creamier more pigmented shadow. That Urban Decay naked palette has me spoiled

But after I had it on, I didn't care about all the effort it took to put on because I LOVE the color.

Another way I like to wear it is to add a little bit above a dark crease color. It just adds a bit of warmth without anyone being able to pinpoint that there a bit of red there.

I read somewhere that it can be a dupe for NARS Exhibit A Blush which is a very vivid red.

Overall, it's a very pretty color that takes some work to get it to show the color I want. But at around three dollars I can't complain too much.