Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yankee Candle Sunwashed Linen Tart

I have burned through tons of these. Not because I love it, but because they had a sale on them and they were less than thirty cents. Can't beat that.

Yankee Candle claims:
The scent of freshly washed linen, dried outdoors on a warm sunny afternoon.

It's a fresh laundry scent that I like to burn to when I clean my room, or if you don't want to clean this makes everything smell extra clean. I like to burn this with on warm days and open all my windows.

Usually it get's me in cleaning mode which is perfect because now that it's spring, it's time for me to get some spring cleaning done.

This particular tart is pretty strong and scents my room for hours and hours. I can usually burn through about three or four tarts with this, which is actually really good.

Overall, I really like this. If they had them on sale I would definitely pick it up.