Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dying to Dye My Hair

I really really want to color my hair. 

That was what my hair looked like last time...subtle but I liked it!

I was in the hair dye aisle of the store for a little while yesterday trying to leave without a box. And I succeeded...that time.

Last time I dyed my hair it was a purple color..that faded to a brown that got me tons and tons of compliments.

But when I do dye it my hair feels plasticky and coated and dry compared to my roots. And since I'm trying to grow it out...I need to stay away from it. I always dye it and then I can't wait to cut the colored parts off and get back to my natural color.

There are two things I have been thinking about trying...a cinnamon mask. It supposed to lighten gradually. Or hennna...but I think henna could take awhile to get the color I want. Plus it's a messy process.

I don't know.

Any suggestions?